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All my life, I've wanted to be a novelist. From the time I sat in the window seat of an Indiana farmhouse and wrote a blow by blow description of my cat chasing down and eating a mouse, other people have commented on my work and how they liked it. As you read this, I am a novelist. Not a newspaper...
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The publishing house that Stieg Larsson built   When Quercus bought 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' it was a tiny firm in a rented office. Yesterday, from its West End HQ, it revealed record sales of £15m a year By Nick Clark Susannah Ireland A customer reads The Girl with the Dragon...
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A Book for Her MajestyWhen Queen Elizabeth visited Toronto last month, children's novelist Eli Stutz managed to hand her a copy of his debut novel, Pickle Impossible, which Bloomsbury USA published in May. Stutz waited with the crowds at Queen's Park, and as she passed by, he held out his book,...
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I can't figure out the appropriate way to post or blog an excerpt of my book. I shouldn't (ut oh, danger ahead) place it in the official excerpt section because it hasn't been published. The danger in shouldn't is that each time I write or say the word I want to do what I shouldn't. I may as well...
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Apple Faces Class Action Suit Because iPad Not Like BookBy Dianna Dilworth on Jul 30, 2010 11:15 AM Apple is a facing a class action lawsuit in California from consumers who feels that Apple's claim that "reading on the iPad is just like reading a book," is false. Follow this link to...
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Marjorie had just had her third birthday and was feeling very grown up. Across the living room, Rusty, their long haired mutt lay beneath the black and white stove, his body propped against the legs that looked like claws. Bread was in the oven and the smell drifted throughout the house, crawling...
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9 Of The Most Amazing Bookstores In The World (PHOTOS) The Huffington Post   |  Caroline Eisenmann It's a difficult time for bookstores. Online booksellers offer seductively low prices and the convenience of ordering from home. eBooks are poised to change the business of publishing as we know it,...
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Michelle McGrane features Girl on a Bridge at Peony Moon today~* http://peonymoon.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/girl-on-a-bridge/ 
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In writing my blog on my Journey Into and Out of the Darkness, I have found my book.  A collection of short stories that share my life, my two religions and their contrast.   The journies I have travelled to find my true self and yes, the continuation on my passion of healing and accepting my son's...
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    What may be a little known fact, and a joy to author/dictators everywhere, is that Hitler made the bulk of his money from the sales of his books. Jul 18, 1925: Mein Kampf is published On this day in 1925, Volume One of Adolf Hitler's philosophical autobiography, Mein Kampf, is published....