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It's 11:34 pm, and I'm just finishing up work for the day.  Today was spent editing, editing, editing Velva Jean #3.  And now I will fall into bed, read precisely two pages of my current Shirley Jackson novel, and wake up at 5:00 am so that Louis and I can head out to the desert to take a...
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The WNFIN challenge is broken into three part: writing, publishing and promoting. Given that we are on day #2, we are in the first part: writing. We’ll start with some advice on how to ensure your creativity remains a constant flow all month long. For some writers, this creativity poses no...
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Painless interview with Suspense Radio thanks to host John Raab. Click on link below to listen. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/suspensemagazine/2011/05/07/suspense-radio-with-heywood-gould  THE WHIRLWIND TOUR CONTINUES RELEASE PARTIES & BOOK SIGNINGS  May 21, 2011  1:00 - 3:00 pm THE BOOK...
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Can you write a book on an IPad? 
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Apparently over 80 percent of Americans think they have a book in them but only 2 percent have ever written a manuscript. If you have ever really wanted to write a book but have not gotten around to it because of various excuses, may I suggest that your excuses are mere fabrications. Put another...
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I received the following e-mail today after posting a comment on Twitter which stated: "82 Percent of Americans Think They Have a Book Within — Which Is Likely a Great Place for It!" From: Dan To: vipbooks Subject: Capable People Hi Ernie, I think that there are many literary people who...
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I frequently answer queries from writer colleagues trying to figure out the tricky details of writing a book with an expert or someone with a story to tell. So I decided to post a few articles on my website distilling my own experience as a collaborator, ghostwriter, and book doctor.  The first two...
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Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese. - Billie Burke Let me start by telling you: I am 38. I have no problem at all with being 38. I don’t think it’s too old or too young to write novels....
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One of the things I used to daydream about, during my years of writing novels with no sales was how I would thank my husband, Topher, in my dedication when I finally sold a book. I would read the part in On Writing by Stephen King about how he smiles when he sees authors thank their spouses and I'd...
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Thank you all for the squeals of excitement about the new series that will kick off with Ben and Fran as adults. I originally pitched the line to Kate, one of my editors, as a YA series, but as soon as I hit send on the e-mail, doubts started nagging at me. Was the YA market really the best choice...