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The great Connie Willis says, "I rewrite grocery lists."  Me, too.  I have a completed novel now, and I'm almost through my first revision.  First.  There will not be just one.  There will be at least two, perhaps three, then more to come with editorial input. There's a...
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A reader, Del, rejects my notion that removing the "n-word" from Huck Finn is a travesty: "I am against censorship in the arts. While some images should not be displayed to the general public, I believe we should be free to choose what we read or view or hear, with some exceptions...
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I started bragging on Facebook last week that I had four chapters in the proverbial can. And this week I have three more. Then I got to thinking what that really means. Does that mean that I'm done, done with them, that I'll never touch them again? Absolutely not. As soon as I posted the first four...