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Scrivener continues to open to random novel parts when I start it. I havn't investigated why, just not a big deal. In fact, I've decided that I'll use the program's quirk to revise and edit. When I open and start, I read, edit and revise that page, along with a few following pages, before starting...
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Sort of tripping. As I'm editing, writing, revising, writing, revising, and so on, adding layers, polishing sentences, removing words and sentences ( I guess that would be called 'revising and editing', wouldn't it?), I keep becoming struck by the recogniztion, "Wow, this thing resembles a novel."...
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Yesterday my Lucky Press publisher, Janice Phelps Williams gave me some very sage advice regarding my revision process. She of course knows I've farmed my book out to readers and editors for comments, and she just wants me to stay on purpose. She said,  "I know you are working very hard on the...