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Books (Photo credit: Jennerally) At the end of 2012 and again at the end of 2013, I posted lists of the books I planned to read in the next twelve months. I'll have to say that I'm pretty proud of my progress so far. It's just into the second quarter of the year, and I'm already...
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(NOTE: Well if I feel tomorrow, like I feel today/I’m gonna pack my suitcase, and make my getaway/Lord I’m troubled, I’m all worried in mind/And I’m never bein’ satisfied, and I just can’t keep from cryin’) Book publishing has a private vocabulary ready to confuse the neophyte and reprehensible non...
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If a book review is not from a reputable publication or platform, I do not even read it. [DE]   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Your book sucks: are authors being bullied with one-star Amazon reviews? Anne Rice thinks there are communities of “parasites” intent on dragging down writers by...
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Purchase   Add to Wish List   Also by Terry Spear: Jaguar Hunt, June 2014 Paperback Silence Of The Wolf, March 2014 Paperback Cougar’s Mate, February 2014 The Highlander, October 2013 e-Book The Dark Fae, October 2013 Paperback A Seal Wolf Christmas, October 2013 Paperback The...
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Hello bookish friends! I'm back at it with another guest blogger in the wings (probably sometime next month), and a wild idea. I'm thinking of doing a '30 Books in 30 Days' set of tea and book pairings. It's a bit ambitious, I know, but this blog keeps growing. If you know of any publishing company...
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Flute Lore, Flute Tales:  Artifacts, History,and Stories About the Flute is now available in paperback at Amazon.com.   It should be at Barnes & Noble and at Ingram’s by March.  The book contains 66 color pictures.  The Kindle and ebook editions are $3.99.This last...
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Sort of. I mean, she might be brown and more drab than the male of her species, but she needs to protect her little ones so being more brown, she can do so. While the male is strutting around, showing off his stuff.   Kind of like a Highlander in his kilt, eh?   The top picture was...
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Just popping in to thank Rhiannon Johnson for her lovely review of Shadows and Ghosts on Ivory Owl Reviews!  You can read it here. And I hope you'll take some time to read her other wonderful reviews and posts!
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I began thinking about who would offer “blurbs,” or testimonials, for my new book, The Author Training Manual, as soon as I delivered the manuscript to the publisher. I still had eight months until publication, but I wanted those reviews inside the book and on the cover, so I needed to have them...
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Tuttle Publishing, my publisher, is offering FREE copies of my version of Musashi’s Book of Five Rings in celebration of 20 years of continued sales and influence, worldwide, to the first 50 people to respond to this offer. In order to get your copy, you MUST have an Amazon account (nothing to buy...