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I found a new toy!  I'm caught between writing and playing.  Jingproject.com is a free piece of a larger piece of software that allows me to capture anything from my screen into a video.  Just like that!  Pull down their little sun, park it on my screen, and presto!  I have a five minute only video...
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If you take a look at the Red Room home page you'll notice that most of the authors featured there are very well known.  The majority of us fit into another category, the lesser known.  Regardless of the category or box we fit into, it is important to remember that it is vital that we promote...
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Part of the luggage of an author is to promote your books. Aspiring novelists might see the moment their book is accepted by a publisher as the Holy Grail, the pinnacle of the mountain, the point where they can plant their flag and take pictures. The reality is being published is a lot like...
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Link your titles to your name on Amazon Connect. Legend of the White Wolf is listed now, no blurb, no cover, not much of anything. But it takes a little time to get verification for your titles from your editor/agent/publicist/publisher so it's good to do it once your book is listed on the site....