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I guess I need to update this.  A few days ago I posted some remarks about the pricing of my book of haiku, Ohayo Haiku, being priced at less than a buck (not including postage).  It was priced at seventy-five cents, to be exact, but the next time I checked my statistics there (which showed no...
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A reader wrote to me with a series of questions on the writing life, the publishing universe, and everything. Here are some of the things I told her: Q: What is a book worth, how is it valued? How are authors paid?  What IS a book worth; what is a writer worth; how do you put a price on something...
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(also on my blog at The Project for a New Mythology)  It seems that publishers, according to a few comments on my previous blog post after I shared it on facebook and a few other places, are currently getting a bad rap in the ebook pricing wars. Some people thanked me for standing up for publishers...
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A few years ago when I first used Lulu.com to publish and distribute my first book, a collection of short stories called The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea, I happened to go into the Barnes and Noble store in Union Square in New York City and found my book for sale there. I was ecstatic. I later...