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Last week I was one of two authors at a TV studio taping a segment for the same program. While I was waiting to go on, the second author came bustling through, a little out of breath. In between the most feminine little bursts of huffing and puffing I ever laid ears on, she proceeded to tell me how...
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“How’s the book doing?” The question rose above the Christmas chatter of a dozen relatives gathered round a table set with wine and cheese. The voice was Rolf’s, my sister’s husband’s father. His 90 years had taken a toll on his ears, and he leaned close for my reply. Better than nothing, I said,...
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I just found out about a neat way of hyperlinking your name on blog comments. Type in your name on any editor that can hyperlink text. Add your hyperlink and then copy and paste your name to the name field on your blog comments. This is another way of linking back to your website, especially if...
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It was September 2007 and my debut novel, MIDORI BY MOONLIGHT, had just been released. Of course I was excited; to have a novel published by a real publisher, one that would actually be on a shelf in a bookstore, was a dream that had finally come true after many years of perseverance. Friends...
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A question similar to this was asked on a romance writers promotional loop, so here is my take--  The Vampire...In My Dreams was coming out that wasn't yet released, and every time I chatted, I'd post a DIFFERENT excerpt, a DIFFERENT interview, a DIFFERENT guest blog. This is something I've seen...
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I had to let go of my wonderful public relations person, as I will need the money for France this spring.  (FYI, good pr is not cheap!)  So I'm back to self-reliance about promoting the next book.  Since this volume includes a distillation of 40 years of writing poetry, it's a big deal to me.  Of...
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I just got my new issue of Steve Harrison's Book Marketing Update. Ironically, it was through a past newsletter that I found out about Redroom. He gives a lot of great ideas and possible leads in various media outlets. I get at least 5 to 10 great sources or ideas from every issue. 
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An odd thought struck me this morning: what if people actually like my books? Over the past few years, I've racked up hundreds of rejections. I told myself the agents and editors were only rejecting my query letters, because what else could they be rejecting? None of the agents and editors I sent...
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I submitted my book for the Do It Yourself (DIY) 2008 book festival contest in the nonfiction category. 
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Hi all: I am a new author to the Red Room and would like to ask you what has worked for you in the field of internet marketing? I have run out of ideas. Susan Culp