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  The era of self-publishing has arrived. With the advent of the Kindle, the Nook, the iPad and other e-reader devices, authors all around the world have the opportunity to get their work out into the public eye. At last, there is a functional way to be published without the scrutiny of publishing...
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A few weeks ago, we had an email interaction with Henry at SelfPublishingReview.com, who made a very valuable suggestion for improving the user interface and readability of BookBuzzr on Mac systems. When we made the fix, Henry suggested that we write a guest post about running a book-marketing site...
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We're excited to make some major feature releases today. These features relate to Twitter. The idea is to help authors market their books on Twitter with a large degree of automation (and without annoying the Followers of the authors :)) If you are a new or existing author on BookBuzzr, this...