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I'm a big advocate of not beginning a project--especially a big project--unless you know it has  chance to succeed. Failure's okay; we learn from it. But writers and aspiring authors, like most people, have little time for failed project into which they invested hundreds of hours....
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When you talk to groups as a professional writer, you soon notice that certain questions repeat themselves across audiences: "How did you get your agent?" "Do you know John Grisham?" "Where do your ideas come from?" In terms of the latter, my answer is always: The Idea...
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When I was a teenager, I promised my parents I would write the Great American Novel. This got me out of spending a summer as a clerk at Bloomie's, where my mother worked and where she had helped land me a summer job. It's not that I was against making money; I wasn't, although I never put it as the...