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As mentioned in yesterday’s post, no matter how you publish your book, you may need an editor. But do you need a developmental, substantive, copy, or line editor? Today, Claire Petrie, who works with me at CopyWright Communications, continues the discussion and defines the role of a line editor....
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For those interested in editor Gordon Lish's influence on Raymond Carver's work, here's a web site rich with material:  http://donswaim.com/nytimes.carverchronicles.html Below is an excerpt. "Overall, Lish's editorial changes generally struck me as for the better. Some of the cuts were...
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Traditional publishers are being forced pay closer attention to the gathering swarms of Kindles, iDevices, and Androids. These days fewer patrician publishers park their paunches atop the slush piles of the rejected and the ignored, the four martini lunch has been sucker-punched by Google search...
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In order to answer Red Room’s blog question of the week, “What Would Shakespeare Blog” I would need to know what a blog is. Although I have experienced the “blogosphere” for some time, its essence must have been absorbed into my consciousness without a literal understanding. Yet blogs now function...
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Who needs a writing coach? How about everybody. Though some people might call them an editor, some of the best editors are really coaches--and many will resist the idea that they need one at all. But who among the most successful writers has not had a mentor, supportive professor, brilliant editor...