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Nanowrimo Pitchaplooza announces 25 pitches: c if u got chosen! vote 4 yr favorite http://www.thebookdoctors.com/category/2013-nanowrimo
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We're going to New Orleans! Tennesse Williams NO Literary Festival March 21-25. Eh toi! http://www.tennesseewilliams.net/sterry-david-henry
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I'm taking my usual procrastination break at least after meeting my writing goal today. I am recommending Mr. Alan Rinzler's blog - in the interest of full disclosure, I may be working with Mr. Rinzler in the future, provided I can afford him. All relationships aside, his blog is excellent and open...
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Who needs a writing coach? How about everybody. Though some people might call them an editor, some of the best editors are really coaches--and many will resist the idea that they need one at all. But who among the most successful writers has not had a mentor, supportive professor, brilliant editor...
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The Book Doctors, Arielle Eckstut and her ex-client/current husband, authors of the Workman book The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published, will making a house call, and they want YOU to PITCH your BOOK at their Pitchapalooza. Booksmith, Jan. 20, 2011, 7:30 PM. It’s like American Idol...
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Hos Going to Lincoln Center; Chicken in Hollywood; Book Doctors & The Essential Guide to Getting Published Rock America; Sex Worker Literati Trick-or-Treats   In Montclair a nip is in the air and the leaves are putting on a Technicolor light show: vivid violets, magnificent magentas, oppulent...