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Your husband is soon to be the next Vice President of the United States and America's Sweetheart.  But at home is cruel vicious and mean.  Who's going to believe you? www.kellyabellbooks.com
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ZEN AND THE ART OF THE BOOK DEAL Publishing Panel             Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010 • 2-5 p.m.               San Francisco Main Public Library           Women’s National Book Association – San Francisco Chapter brings you the latest news in the publishing industry from the following insiders...
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Against the Difficult World odds, my book, Choosing Easy World, is going to be released August 3rd by St. Martin's Press. While the odds are not good in Difficult World to land a great publisher unless you're already well-known, in Easy World, they are totally irrelevant. In Easy World, your...
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Most people think of book deals as just that: a author gets paid by a publisher to publish his/her book. But it is a little more complicated than that. The book deal is a  negotiation that includes, not just how much the author will get paid, but  also what "subsidiary rights" will be...
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Almost all publisher contracts pay authors through a system of royalties, a certain defined percentage of revenue based upon sales of the contracted book. The concept is simple, but it can get quite complicated in practice. Let's talk about the different formulas that publishers use in calculating...
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I've been speaking to a lot of authors lately, successful ones who make their living writing. Some of them make a pretty good living. I'm finding that a lot of them don't really understand the economic fundamentals of publishing. They don't even understand the meaning of "the book deal" a...
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My terrific agent landed a double-score, a two-book deal with Orbit. The first book, a post-apocalyptic thriller, is due out in summer of 2010.
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I'm in that limbo that many authors find themselves in. I have a publisher - Adams Media - for whom I wrote two books in the last few years: The Everything Blogging Book and Streetwise Ecommerce. But I'm antsy to get another book out there, and my current publisher can't rally interest in it. I'm...
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I'm excited to announce that this week my agent and I struck a deal with Ten Speed Press for a new book, tentatively titled "The One-Sentence Solution" (though I now think I have some better ideas for the title) and coming out spring 2010.        Ten Speed is best known for "What...
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  It's a fantasy, alright! Two 21-year-old gals who met online in a discussion about the fantasy genre have authored a 400-page novel together ("Online collaboration lands young authors book deal," by Murray Langdon, http://www.globeandmail.com/, June 26, 2008). Right across the U.S....