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I am not sure if it is all the fault of amateurs running amok and creating cover art - or, worse yet - creating their own cover art. But I am mean enough (believe that or not) to imagine that the writing accompanying these covers is as bad. Kekaju and the Hidden Swamp // A woodchuck, a...
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You don't buy a book for its cover? Well ... That is probably true - but you make note of a book by its cover. And 'by' can equal 'buy'. I note that for the first example, the designer who chose the cover as an example did not know swhat it meant, or if it even conveyed the idea of the book. Just...
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Black Friday is now spreading into Canada. I have already had one email telling me of all the fantastic sales available at the local book store. Good for them! I, personally, know of no bandwagon upon which I would not jump. And - well ... maybe - people don't buy books solely for their covers. But...
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And lo and behold - look at Kafka. The eyes have it.   The Works of Franz Kafka by Franz Kafka (Schocken Books). Designer: Peter Mendelsund. Art Director: Peter Mendelsund * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The Best Designed Book Covers of 2011 by Caroline Stanley. The sharp-eyed editors...
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  The book cover! The gateway for your reader. The reason they pick up the book. The reason they read the book. The book cover is an opportunity. It's a big reason that I will check a book out. A good cover evokes a mood, offers an idea of what it's all about. It intriques, and should look...
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Thank you to my fantastic illustrator, Kalpart, for including both of Gimme-Jimmy’s new awards on the cover of the book.  It’s so nice to have each of my books have two awards, and there’s the magic of The Magic Word that has six of them!  Who would have thought when Santa’s Birthday...
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What I’m looking at is a small vase, the size of a button, how this was created is hard to imagine. What purpose it serves leaves me traversing boulevards, walking vineyards and humming to radio tunes one only remembers in a traffic jam. I’m not done yet with you a part of me cries still I’ve got a...
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Check out this fantastic new trailer Select-O-Grafix, LLC did for my novel Sealed In Lies. Not only do they do trailers but they do great book covers and author promo materials for very reasonable prices.    http://www.selectografix.com/page1.php
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Titles change and so do book covers. For a long time, I’d been calling Velva Jean’s third adventure Velva Jean Learns to Spy. But that book (to be released September 25) is now Becoming Clementine. These decisions aren’t always left up to the author, though we do weigh in. There are many,...
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I am a sucker for lists - so I guess there is one of me born every minute. Lucky world. It doesn't even matter  whether I believe them or not. So, some of these do not leave me salivating to purchase the book. But, there is that Kafka cover that ...   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * THE 50...