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I began thinking about who would offer “blurbs,” or testimonials, for my new book, The Author Training Manual, as soon as I delivered the manuscript to the publisher. I still had eight months until publication, but I wanted those reviews inside the book and on the cover, so I needed to have them...
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"Becky Povich has a light and whimsical way with words, and a knack for making the everyday seem a bit more special."  -- Philip Gulley  ~~~~~ An eclectic writer, Gulley has published 17 books, including the acclaimed Harmony series..... and the best-selling Porch Talk...
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I have some news to share, and I hope I can open a conversation with it. And I hope other authors—and readers—will comment. Please do tell me what you think. I’m completely stepping out of the blurb game. That is, I’m no longer going to write endorsements of other authors’ books. This is not...
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A few days ago, I received an email totting Karen Q. Miller's newest novel: An Angry As Black Woman..           To be honest, the title didn't grab me..in fact, it screamed "Ghetto-Lit" - which is a genre I am not a fan of. But because Karen's name was on the cover,...
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A writer writes a book in lonely, secret seclusion (at least I do--others may spend their over-caffeinated days sitting at the local coffee shop bogarting prime wi-fi territory, tapping noisy keyboards and pausing every three sentences to read their work aloud to unwilling captive audiences at...
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Here's what Nadine Strossen, ex-president of the ACLU and author of "Defending Pornography" says about "Grant's Indian": "Not much sex, but what's there is (as Spencer Tracy might say) 'cherce'!" http://www.PeterJohnsonBooks.com.
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              Publishers 'missing a trick' with blurbs  | Victoria Gallagher Publishers are "missing a trick" by not perfecting blurbs on jackets despite the fact they are "commercially valuable", delegates were told at The Bookseller Cover Design Conference yesterday. The...