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I believe a blog represents the one essential element in an author’s marketing toolbox. First and foremost, it’s your author website. Additionally, from this foundation you promote your book in a variety of ways not only on the blog but to all your social media accounts. You can even write your...
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This article about book bloggers caught my eye - I are one, of cuss. So I'm going to look into the community of it, see what's there. You might want to, too.  Illustration for Carolyn Kellogg's story on attending the first book bloggers convention in New York and getting a sense of the changing...
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Today's Red Room blog suggestion reminded me that I have been testing theories of individual flight in different literary modes for several years. The first example is from my novel, Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World (which is currently undergoing preparation for the release of a second...
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My Lit Blog Of The Week – Me And My Big Mouth http://meandmybigmouth.typepad.com/ Advent Calendar: December 13th The best short story collection I have ever read. And I have read some good ones. This, this and that are three stunners that spring to mind.  But, anyway, this one stunned me with...
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Literary Blog of the Week Bookselling This Week http://news.bookweb.org/features/5238.html Steven Hall: The Road BlogMay 03, 2007 Steven Hall Steven Hall, author of The Raw Shark Texts (Canongate), an April Book Sense Pick, provides an entertaining look at his experiences on a cross-country...
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Blog of the Week- Virginia Quarterly Review Blog http://www.vqronline.org/blog/ BlogSay You’re One of ThemOctober 5th, 2009, by Aja Gabel If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for reading! In the video blog entry in which Oprah explains why she chose Uwem Akpan’s...
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Literary Blog of The Week – ABC of Reading http://abcofreading.blogspot.com/ Sunday, September 27, 2009   DID SCHEHERAZADE’S VAGINA LUBRICATE AT THE…The other night Denis Donoghue was over for dinner and the unspoken or the unsaid was talked about. When he was growing up in Northern Ireland...
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http://www.ajd8.wordpress.com and http://www.annettedunlea.blogspot.com/ check out the new blog widgets Recent Posts Author Recommends Book – The Girl With The Green Tattoo BookPage BookBrowse OverBooked The Cozy Library
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My Blog of the Week – So Many Books http://somanybooksblog.com/ the agony and ecstasy of a reading lifeBookworms Carnival August 18, 2009 by Stefanie Check out the Bookworms Carnival of Really Old Classics over at Rebecca Reads. Yours truly has two Greek plays included in it and there are lots of...
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O’Brien Press Blog http://www.obrien.ie/blog/ Catalogues: done and dusted! Posted on August 7, 2009, 3:52 pm, by Ivan, under The Publishing Cycle. So this is the week when the curs’ed catalogues left the building and headed off to the printers. Of course, By The Miracles Of Modern Technology, they...