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My review of Roberto Bolaño's collected poetry, The Unknown University, has just been published here. 
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Writing is a process that delves deep - we all know that - but it also integrates. Let me give you an example. I've recently finalized a "good-stopping-point" draft of my many-times-mentioned medieval historical novel. Then I took a couple of days off to twiddle thumbs and bwadda-wadda my lips...
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Note: Normally I post only on politically neutral things, principally writing and reading. But this month's magazine reads seem to compel me to purgative rants. After tomorrow's post, I'll be better.   Harper’s Magazine, October 2012   When both Presidential candidates agree that there’s...
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Joan Didion led me to Henry James. "He wrote perfect sentences too, but very indirect, very complicated.  Sentences with sinkholes you could drown in them."  (Joan Didion on Henry James)   I read this line in 2006, and began a serious study of James' work in 2008. James is...
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...is here: http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/jpsmith/2012/05/review-of-the-secret-of-evil-by-roberto-bolano/ 
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I have a one page synopsis and an extended synopsis. Last year I spent several weeks reading Lukeman's other book (How To Write A Great Query Letter) and I wrote a query letter.  I sent it off to five agents and received two rejections and three non-responses (yes I included SASEs).  I...