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Photo: Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange, at ew.com.  Go to this link to read the interesting interview with Ryan Murphy, referenced below.     A little late with this entry.  Not good for a blog about a tv show.  Who wouldn't want to read about a show two days after it aired...
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  November 24   LIKE PEACE     Peace, like an elephant on my chest; I can’t breathe but at least we are not fighting.  The rigid air hangs like sheets on the line, stiff but dry.  Plastered smiles and short salutations get us through until bedtime, but what we can hold...
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November 28     How I’ve come upon the World.       My first exposure to Bogart was as the man who was after Bugs Bunny, and Lauren Bacall was only referred to as Baby.  I only ever heard Kaw Liga because Stephen King referenced it too often and I had to go have a listen. ...
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As I grow older, I have become fascinated by “pop memory” and the difference between what I deem popular and what younger people see as popular. This has led me to contemplate where the dividing line is between this generational phenomenon. For example, if I am sitting in a waiting room and pick...