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Crime and punishment in Chicagoland is today’s topic. Thanks to the Hop On-and-Hop Off Tour and the Untouchables Tour, Laurie and I took today, we were able to enjoy cinematic and very real historical sites with gangster-themes. My wife was the expert photographer providing vivid reminders of our...
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I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the good people over at Comic Book and Movie Reviews to talk about Comics, Theatre, and of course Catwoman and Cat-Tales.  I'll be reproducing some snippets here as time allows. CBMR: Apart from the way she looks, what else would you say...
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Here's a new way of looking at the magic of the theater, Broadway and the world of dance.  Nth Zine published my short story, "Champagne and Balducci's," this week.  "Champagne and Balducci's" is a fantasy about a second-rate dancer (and Broadway show hopeful) in New York City,...