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  FINISHING Around the first of September, my health shaky, my mind fluttering and befogged, I shuffled to the end of the first draft of my next novel Butchertown. I finished later than expected, figuring June or July. Didn’t happen. Butchertown is a gangster thriller set in 1922 in a...
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Photo: Rick, with a customer, from Pawn Stars, on History.com.   --Just read a poem by a Goodreads friend.  At the end of the poem, the bomb-diffuser unfortunately sets off the bomb, and the poem ends with a thrice-repeated "silence."  (It's a good poem, so read it here.) ...
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This afternoon, Son Jason, Son Guy, and I took a cab out to the San Francisco Sunset neighborhood to attend the housewarming of our old friend, Robert "Buzz" Zurcher.  Buzz lived for years in the Lower Haight, and now he is going to have more rustic digs.  His old biker buddies had...
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  Check out this documentary HBO made to go with the new show Boardwalk  Empire.  I appear as a talking head.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy178zHzLpU