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Well, it's happening, fiction is becoming fact and it's going to kill us all. I wrote a comic novel called The Myoshi Effect, about a giant asteroid headed toward earth and how everybody dealt with it, and now it's in the news every day. Oh boy. I'd be happy with the royalties if I weren't going to...
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Few things make me as happy as discovering a way of seeing the world that illuminates both large political events and my own inner voices. I’m happy right now, because I’m ready to add another name to my list of uncolonized minds—the thinkers who have most inspired me through their willingess...
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Making calls to the battleground states reinforces my love for New York and New Yorkers. Cell phones in hand, people of all ages are giving their anytime minutes to call people in states still pastel-colored on maps we see on TV. Between wrong numbers in Pennsylvania and being hung up on, we share...