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My nightly appointment time comes around again… LOL  This time I took the time to speak with Armund.  He is quite tall, solid, bald head, lovely smile, dark skin and dark eyes.  He wears a tunic like arrangement of clothes that are secured by a cloth around his waist.   He is nomadic in origin, he...
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Today was a day like many others, with only a minor difference: I’m fighting off the tail end of a cold season bug, which turned out to be a rather muscular dragon's tail knocking me back down every time I got up. A gentle rain fell as I woke up. It served as a musical backdrop to the crying of...
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Last Friday night, the first day of Spring, Gerald and I experienced the awakening as we drove down to Union County amid the white blossoming pear trees, tulip trees already shedding their pink blossoms, yellow forsythia, and golden daffodils in yards and roadsides. We went early to have time...