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Vampires have historically been considered evil, but fictionally they are currently not considered 100% bad. If you add a bit of trendy perversity, perhaps even martyrdom, to the mix you might get an instant hero, or the 20th century equivalent – the antihero. Antiheroes are the ultimate...
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He was a prostitute using and abusing men and women, boys and girls, anything willing to pay and play. Sexual dragons Johnny could tolerate, favors and fantasies he could accommodate, drugs and alcohol he would instigate. The state of his consciousness repressed into repsychedeli; a place he felt...
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Jason didn’t know what happened just before he was murdered. Sally, the young woman he’d met at the Red Lips club on Freemont Street warmed him about her pansexuality. Androgenous or metrosexual tendencies didn’t worry him. He never revealed his own Klinefelter’s Syndrome to anyone. His extra X...
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"Castrehoe," he said under his breath when he opened the third case file. The other two files had contained the same finale. All three homicide folders polluted his desk top, and he detested each one. Hymen Helles nodded his head at the photos of the third victim: male, naked, castrated....
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Working in the Psyche Department with the Las Vegas P.D. was less of a parade maker and more of a Crash Wednesday. Fifteen cases were backed up, piled on Saika Saki’s desk, which made her shithoused with an emotional hangover. After USC graduation four years ago, she interned with the L.A.P.D. for...
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Johnny was seriously crunked up; hammered and tanked on weed and three empty Bombay slammers. Sara remained sober and indifferent. She was coy and smooth as a rattlesnake coiled around Johnny’s naked, muscular body spread across his studio Murphy bed.  Aware of where she began, the world always...