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Friends, thanks so much for the love you have shown my Red Room blog, which in recent days has received its highest numbers of visitors--ever!  In return, we've dropped my two novels published by Penguin Putnam (The Deadwood Beetle and The Floodmakers) from $5.99 to $1.99.  It's a Spring...
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Those keywords at the end amuse me. It's like, what should I put in here for these little spasms of thinking and writing. It amuses me that they must be catalogued as reference for others to find. Strange other entries appear when you start typing a keyword, startling me with their appearance, the...
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I am delighted to announce the launch of my new ebook, Secrets of the Black Bloggers.  The griot was part of an ancient oral tradition in areas of West Africa from which many of our ancestors originated. Click here to read my blog.         
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Gotta say love my dashboard. It is a zig zag of a moutain range I lived beneath in New Mexico. A random plateau rising and falling, now and then without any sense whatsoever. Still beautiful, the outline a work of art.  Whoever the hell is reading my blogs thank you. THANK YOU. I mean I must...
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I'm blogging at Literarily Speaking today with not only a cool way to promote your book, but an incentive for you as well! I found a neat program that allows you to make your own 3D movies (not hard at all) and I've used it to promote an upcoming book about relationships I will be self-...
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Once Upon a Time There Were... Trench People I promised a flurry of activity on my blog, but when I began where I ended, I found dialog that did not work!  Oh, for the love of blogging!  I changed dialog.  If I can, I will change the font color to indicate changes -- that seems...
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One of my favorite authors is Studs Turkel, and my favorite Turkel books are "Working" and "The Good War".  I started thinking about this yesterday as I waited for my wife in a store. In some manner, my blog posts are part of a period piece. I blog about the mundane details of an average...
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Sunday I attended Britt Bravo's Tea and Cupcakes with Creative Bloggers at the lovely and inviting Teahouse Studio in Berkeley.  I came away all fired up to get back up on the blogging pony. I guess it's no secret that I've struggled with this blog, given how sporadically I've been posting of...
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    Firstly, allow me to apologize for boring many of you with the following piece, but I’ve seen many other Internet writers and self-publishers post summaries of their achievements, providing statistics to illustrate. Those of you walking the same path I am may find my experiences,...
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I want to announce a new column MAD SCIENCE over on Michael Davis World, every Wednesday I will be espousing my thoughts and ideas right here: http://mdwp.malibulist.com/2012/01/hungry-like-the-wolf-by-danny-donovan... Follow me on twitter and facebook for constant updates of the column. I suppose...