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  In this post, I finally came to grips with the way books are professionally reviewed - and why. It seems to me that this puts an onus on book bloggers to get things right.   Visit my website here, and my FB Fan Page here for more on ideas and events that matter to...
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Attention, Reviewers and Book Bloggers! Cobweb Bride reviewer ARC galleys are now available on NetGalley! Get your Advance Reading Copy now, if you are a book blogger or a legitimate reviewer with a NetGalley account. Click below! Cobweb Bride - NetGalley ARC Enjoy the read! And be sure to post...
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My first experience with Brent was a simple one. He sent me an email, asking if he could review my forthcoming (at the time) Young Adult novel Jumpstart the World for his blog, The Naughty Book Kitties. I contacted my Knopf publicist, had a copy mailed to him, and that was that. Except...
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Two incredible bloggers (and by that I mean they have great blogs and are great people, both), Adam of Roof Beam Readerand Lauren of Shooting Stars Mag, are holding a giveaway and a blog hop for bloggers. According to the announcements on Adam's and Lauren's blog, these...
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I am delighted to announce the launch of my new ebook, Secrets of the Black Bloggers.  The griot was part of an ancient oral tradition in areas of West Africa from which many of our ancestors originated. Click here to read my blog.         
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You know you’re a bad blogger when you haven’t blogged for two weeks and are wracked with guilt but choose to watch last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy anyway. (And you already saw it.) You know you’re a bad blogger when you make fun of people who blog every day. You know you’re a bad blogger...
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Professionals within the publishing industry have provided no new figures on blog-to-book deals since about 2009. In that 12 months alone, between 50 and 60 b bloggers landed traditional publishing deals. Supposedly, that marked the height of the blog-to-book trend. Yet, a steady stream of blog-to-...
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I just came back from giving a talk at a local writer’s club. There I heard the same question I hear everywhere I go: What’s the best way for writer’s to accomplish their social networking — especially given the fact that they really don’t want to do social networking at all. They just want to...
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When she was in her early twenties, Egyptian writer Ghada Abdel Aal began the complicated process of seeking a spouse. It involved meetings in parental living rooms over awkward glasses of tea. On one such occasion her potential groom spent his time screaming at a soccer game on tv. Another turned...
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I've been a professional writer since I was 17 years old. I wrote an entire football program and got paid $7 an hour for the work. It helped me buy my first car, a sporty red Nissan. Yet at the same time, I worked FOR FREE as the writer/producer/host of my own radio talk show at the same radio...