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  It’s been nearly a year since Mike Woodson took over for fired Head Coach Mike D'Antoni and became the new Head Coach of the New York Knicks. I’ve been hard on him since day one and have made my reasons very clear. Simply visit the home page of my show site and search for New York Knicks...
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Photo: Cover of the Library of America edition, from this link.   I wrote a blog last year about a very real-to-life and entertaining short story by this guy, here.  Please read that one, if you haven't, before you continue on here.  I just re-read it myself, since I wrote it last...
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I have Kam and Dirk as guest bloggers with their hot new collaboration, Sinfully Delicious. Drop by and check it out. billiemccoy.blogspot.com.au
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Just a quick note to say that On the Premises (OTP) has purchased my short story, "So Many Reasons to Celebrate the Season" and will publish it in its next issue, #19, online at www.onthepremises.com.  I think it's available in .pdf as well.  And it's free to read (I think)!  It'll be...
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Here's a fascinating look at myself. Yeah, I know.  There's also links to SIX other cool authors you should check out at the end of the article. http://readtomlucas.com/2013/02/20/the-next-big-thing-blog-hop/
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We should never pity the person with one true friend; instead our sympathies should be reserved for the person with a hundred acquaintances.  After all, quality is often preferable to quantity especially in relationships. We all know that person who walks into the room amid a flurry of...
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Over the last couple of months I've had plenty to be excited about but this morning I woke up as excited as a kid on Christmas day. The reason for this excitement?   Baseball's back!   That's right baseball fans. That annual rite of passage known as spring training begins today with...
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  I know that all of your big timers out there may scoff at a mere 10,000 hits on a website, and I understand that. But let’s think about how much 10,000 really is.   If you live 10,000 days, you will be almost 27 and one-half years old. OK, by today’s standards I agree, not very big....
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Photo: Captain Nemo planting his personal flag on a cliff of Antarctica, from the first edition of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.   There won't be much to do in the next few days, besides shoveling, so I thought I'd keep a running blog entry during that time.  I'll publish...
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Rather than listening to the endless streams of sports radio I listen to each and every day this morning I decided to watch a TV program and all I need to say is;   Vegas Baby!   The cast of this particular program decided to head to Vegas for a birthday party and they unknowingly let...