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Sorry I haven't been in here much lately. I've been working on a new blog. Wanna see it? http://year55.pdguy.com/ Mind you, the concept is pretty morbid.  I'm blogging my 55th year in the hopes that I somehow get through it alive. Other than Parkinson's, I am not sick.  But if I make it to my 55th...
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Today on my home blog I've started a series... the 12 Travel Books for Christmas. All of the recommendations came from Twitterers (do you Twitter yet?), and we'll feature one book each day for the next two weeks.   Here's book #1:   http://aknickerson.blogspot.com/2008/12/12-travel-books-for-...
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The word is out!  Passports with Purpose has begun!  Nearly 30 travel bloggers have joined together to raise money for Heifer International.  Read more about the raffle, the prizes, and the very worthy recipient on my home blog:   http://aknickerson.blogspot.com/2008/12/passports-with-purpose-...
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I am finding more and more that I have difficulty with the  basic problem of 'butt in chair' necessary for good writing. This is not to say that I don't have ideas. In fact, I have so many projects I'm working on now that I'm developing a bit of a monogamy problem. What's that second person...
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It's so good to get back to my bloggery. For the last three months, I've been immersed in editing a client's book. Whether I'm editing/rewriting someone else's or writing my own, I soon find myself thinking about that book all the time -- taking a walk, in the middle of the night, while drinking my...
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Today I'm visiting Vanessa Gebbie's blog for a discussion about magical realism. Here's a taster: "Only some of the stories in my book would be called magical realist, and that this isn't something I set out consciously to do. Much like you, I imagine, I just follow where the story leads me...
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This week I am out each night, either reading from THE ENTIRE EARTH AND SKY, or talking to book groups about the book. It is a strange and wonderful piece of the writing life: Meeting the readers. I guess we all imagine these people while we write. How would someone who has never seen a glacier get...
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I'm just swamped with grading. But I will have more post goodness within the next few days, so stay tuned! (And of course, donations of good will to the "more papers...more papers!" fund are always appreciated. ;) ) Greg
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Next time someone says an individual can’t make a difference in this world, or that words don’t matter, tell them the story of Amy Balliett. Amy lives in Seattle. One week ago she wrote a blog that called for a national day of protest against the passage of California’s anti-gay marriage...
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Once more, what might otherwise go into The Journal goes instead into The Blog. Key Words... continue to find 'em a convenient way to keep track of entries… sample follows… Random stuff, but if I ever want 'em, I can find 'em.  BTW, I make no claim to this stuff being original. The wisdom of...