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Several of my guest bloggers, like Linda Lee and V. Michael Santoro, have mentioned e-zine articles or article marketing already this month. I’ve discussed it in my own blog posts as well. I figured it was time to take a closer look at this article form and method of publicizing not only books...
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A website or blog goes a long way towards helping an aspiring author build platform. It also helps an author or information marketer sell books and products. However, if that blog or website has no traffic—which means no “visitors”—it’s virtually useless (no pun intended). The key then becomes...
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:28 am (Visibility, blogs) · Edit The way to get noticed online is to show up high in search engine rankings. The term “search engine optimization” (SEO) refers to the use of keywords and repetition to show up well in searches. That drives more traffic to your blog or site, and...
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You're an author and you have a book to sell. Selling in bookshops is one thing; selling online another. You have a question: which is superior, social media or search engines when it comes to promoting your work? In my last blog post I concluded that, as a reader or researcher, I prefer the latter...