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I have Kam and Dirk as guest bloggers with their hot new collaboration, Sinfully Delicious. Drop by and check it out. billiemccoy.blogspot.com.au
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We love, love, LOVE blogger and vlogger Eugenia Berg - aka Married Girl in a Weird World. Eugenia is happily and interracially married. She and her hubby are expecting Baby Berg later this year! Today's Subject: There IS a Difference! Today, Eugenia discusses the reality of self...
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I've filled all my guest blog spots at Terry's Place through April, but I thought I'd repeat this post from a year ago, with my take on being both a good guest and a good host. I can't say I've been a perfect host, but these reminders will help me be a better one for 2011. And don't forget the...
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A BOOK AND TWO CHATS BLOG TALK RADIO SHOW Tonight's one hour special was all we'd been expecting myself and co host Kim Smith along with a couple of other guests and quite a few folk in the chat room, spent an enjoyable, entertaining and educational hour with Dorothy Thompson and Cheryl C....