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Mark Edmundson argues in his Why Read? that great writing can take the place of religion in guiding souls "if religion continues to lose its hold on consequential parts of society." I find this idea to be interesting in that Marx is known to have said that "religion is the opium of the people" http...
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Trivia: Michael Blake told me that reading Brown’s, “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” was his inspiration to write “Dances with Wolves.”  Brown borrowed his title from a poem, “American Names” by Stephen Vincent Benet. Michael Blake   WOUNDED KNEE REMEMBERED by Charles Redner Tears frozen...
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Tonight, 8:00 PM EST. the cast and crew tell the "Inside Story of Dances With Wolves" on BIO Channel. Kevin Costner encouraged Michael Blake to turn his screenplay into a book which led to the movie and history. Blake's handwritten manuscript is now with The University of New Mexico. I got to hold...
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Felt like I was in the trench with Ledyard., July 28, 2011 By Charles Redner "Reader/writer/reviewer"This review is from: Into The Stars (Kindle Edition) What you might not expect to find on a World War I battlefield, you can expect to discover in Michael Blake's novella--a man's...
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Just received the latest The Hummingbird Review (Vol. II No. 1) and despite my gratitude for being included, I have to say that what you and the others do is so much better than what the big time publishers produce. To have a mass of excellent writers in so many different genres is marvelous.  I...
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NEWS FLASH, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LITERARY FANS: 'Dances With Wolves' author Michael Blake will be joining American Haiku magazine founder Don Eulert, Hummingbird Review editor Bob Yehling, poet Maggi DeRosa, short fictionist Alwyn Martin and yours truly at the Hummingbird Review Poetry Revue Sunday...
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"The personal is political." If you were sentient in the sixties and seventies, you heard it almost daily. No doubt, you also said it now and then. It still echoes occasionally around the Zeitgeist, but with a less commanding tone. It's been a little over a year since I left a decades-...
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   The day I got the yellow mechanical pencil was the day I became committed to being a writer. I had known I was a writer since I was eight when I wrote my first story, and known it again at twelve when I won my first national award. Neither time was I happy to discover it, nor were my parents. My...
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It is not at all certain that a merely moral criticism of society may not be just as "revolutionary" - and revolution, after all, means turning things upside down - as the politico-economic criticism which is fashionable at this moment. Blake was not a politician, but there is more...
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The account of a female professor giving up her job and her man in order to live sexually free following Blake's vision of jealousyless relations between the sexes spurred me to write a piece for Macmillan's new Anthology Women Reading Blake. (posted for any Blake hounds among you).