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A few readers have contacted me about the difference between the two versions (paperback) of "A Hard Place/A Sergeants Tale" my Vietam War Story. So thought I would blog about that. The first version was publishd by Trafford ,Sept 2007. The second version is somewhat longer,with no changes to...
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Heard from a good friend yesterday who asked me why I haven't completed my next book,or even posted a Blog lately. I guess I finaly have to admit that, what with cancer in the house and all that goes with it, I have truly been afflicted with the dreaded "Writers Block". But now that my wife is in...
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I really do read and pay heed to to what my critics say and write about my books,I don't always say "BITE ME!!" Just when they attack me or my Honor personally:-) Even some family members have stated that the current cover doesn't do much towards announcing this as a real barn-burner of an action...