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Raymond Chandler has been my favorite writer of crime fiction most of my life, but I had only seen his work dramatized by Humphrey Bogart and other actors, Bogey being my favorite Philip Marlowe. I decided to check out the writing this time around and The Big Sleep seemed like the right one. I...
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  Chapter 19   Years Earlier – South Carolina       Even at 42 years old, Mae Witherow was a good-looking woman. Although her adult life had been full of disappointment and uncertainty, the years had been good to her. She was born Mae Jones in Moncks Corner, South...
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Knock-Knock. Yes? Is Jesus home? He's out. You know when he'll be back? I suspect it could be a while. To what is this pertaining to? Well, he started a project for me, an add-on to my place over here on Via Way, and he's half-done and it's holding up the other guys. Did you pay him?...
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Taught from infancy that beauty is woman's sceptre, the mind shapes itself to the body, and roaming round its gilt cage, only seeks to adorn its prison. Mary Wollstonecraft ‘Let none claim that it is only upon love we mortals are doomed to exist. Love, labour, friends and fortune may come and go,...
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The book signing on the 17th in Weston-super-Mare went very well indeed. Westonians are very supportive of local authors... of locals in general actually... so the Weston events are always a pleasure. Had the 'real' Pat Guppy managed to get her way, however, this particular one wouldn't have gone...
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                        Mary's sister, Susan, who passes as a married woman, fancies she knows how to play the aristocracy at its own game, much to the embarrassment of the Berkeleys. Lydia Sharpe, Susan’s servant so admired by Billy Cole...