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Did more blackberry picking today. My first question is, why does my mental jukebox always play Sonny & Cher singing, "I Got You, Babe"?  Next, these were fabulous berries. Black, juicy, sweet, plentiful. It was a berry rich situation. My friends own the land, acres of their own out there...
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A ladder stands against a tree in the neighbouring yard like a promise and on the Fall evening nothing only a sky of orange calls me North when I should be busying myself to seek the warmth of the other shores and instead turn to pulling out bottom drawers where shawls the colours of  leaves...
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  The Gooseberry Family You might not know this family, but Mrs. Gooseberry can cook. Mr. Gooseberry builds fabulous birdhouses and bonfires. The boy tells grand stories. All three living among flame colored birds and a stream in back, brisk and swollen with fish. In spring mushrooms hide in their...
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I compulsively read all those articles that boast “Ten new foods that burn belly fat .” I guess lots of people do and that’s why they make up so many new lists every month. Sometimes I think  its the same  bunch who  fabricate the belly flab lists and the “101 new ways to turn him on” lists that...
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Comedian Will Durst (whose first book, The All-American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing, has just hit the stands) co-hosted a first-ever Red Room Writers' Mixer last week at Tosca on Columbus in San Francisco, with his wife, Debbie, and Red Room CEO Ivory Madison, and if you missed it, you missed...