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Hey Ya'll... This is kind of a footnote to my previous post: An Angry Black Writer Speaks Out! I just wanted to give you all an example of one of my days. I hope that other authors will share some of there's. I think our readers need to hear/read about the reality of our - as Kola Boof...
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Click here to read my blog on the National Black Writers' Conference: The Impact of Migration on Black Literature.  
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I sat in the small, too warm auditorium of the Okolona Mississippi Elementary school totally enraptured. As a writer, I was experiencing a true Nirvana! In front of me was a group of internationally recognized journalist and authors and the room was sizzling. As enjoyable as this occasion was for...
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For me The Black Book Blogger was as elusive as the famed unicorn! Mainstream publishers ignore them - even though they read "across" the color-line. So Lisa (a black book bloggerherself) created a ning where Bloggers who happened to be Black can congregate, making it easy for us writers...
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I had always wanted to be a writer, but life somehow got in the way.  Pathetic excuse, I know, but the fact is I was so busy struggling to survive and cope with a genetic medical condition (sickle cell disease) that it didn't even occur to me that I could in fact try to become a published writer. ...
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I want to help you promote your writing.  If you are a writer of African heritage, visit my Strong Black Business Community.  http://www.squidoo.com/groups/Strong_Black_Business_Community  Not a member of Squidoo yet?  Join here for free:  http://www.squidoo.com/lensmaster/referral/Zhana21.  Plus...