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After an absence of 25 years, it's downright ducky to be able to welcome back one of the great socio- politico conflicts in the history of the planet. How about a round of applause folks, because the Cold War is back and it's colder and warrier than ever. Like an old friend popping up on your...
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        Streets we walked along yesterday are burning today – and not just in one city or country.  Arab Spring began with demonstrations and protests in December 2010, leading to uprisings and civil wars in at least a dozen countries, but they aren’t the...
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           When I think of Ukraine – an ancient but new country wedged between the Black Sea,  Russia, and six smaller states of the former Soviet Union -- I remember first the beauty of  the people and the landscape.  Only then do...
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            Her little body hidden under kerchief and raincoat, the woman is arranging her treasures to tempt people who might pass: bulky socks and scarves that she has knitted, an old table lamp, several ashtrays of varying sizes and shapes,...
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Iberia is the Spanish peninsula so it refers to people from that region. My old dictionary speaks of an "Iberian race". Iberian also refers to those native to Portugal. But it gets confusing because the ancient Iberians were of the Caucasus region, which is east of Spain. But because the...
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         My new book DELPHINE takes place partly in Turkey, one of my favorite countries of the Middle East -- or anywhere, for that matter.  On my third trip to Turkey, I explored some remote areas in the eastern part of the country.  One morning,...