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Black Friday Shopping | Black Friday Shopping

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Is it remotely possible that American children could ever organize a rebellion against the commercialization of Christmas? A sort of Occupy the Mall? That's the theme of my children's book, Regina Saves Christmas. I realize it's a fantasy, but imagine the possible results of such a rebellion . . ....
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This story from The Los Angeles Times was inevitable.  As though news reporters are camped out at every Black Friday Sale store waiting for this story today. I need to know how in the world this woman got out of the store without getting caught after pepper spraying twenty people.  One...
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Black Friday started early for us--KidThree called just before six to say she was ready to come home (implicit in that remark was the truth that she had been all family'ed out).  I was awake and so headed out to pick her up from her sister's home.  The car was filled with boxes to go down to my...