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"Why are you reading all them books? White man ain't gonna let you do anything in them books." I heard these words from an older cousin who expressed his opinion that I wasn't normal. I read constantly, anything I could get my hands on: comics, spy stories, boys' adventures. I even...
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For news by and about Black writers and authors, see my club, African Writers and Authors. http://www.redroom.com/clubs/african-writers-and-authors We have National Black Book Festival news, interviews with Black writers and more.  So if you are a Black writer, author or blogger,  join us today...
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I read a post on author Tayari Jones’ blog earlier this month, that hasn’t left my mind. She asks why books by black writers aren’t considered universal, starting her post with these words: “In the last few years, black writers have been speaking out about double standards in the world of...
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One of only a few living African-American authors whose Pulitzer and Nobel Prize-winning novels are studied regularly on a high school and university level, Toni Morrison has also written and edited influential nonfiction works, like The Black Book, by Middleton A. Harris. Originally published in...
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I want to help you promote your writing.  If you are a writer of African heritage, visit my Strong Black Business Community.  http://www.squidoo.com/groups/Strong_Black_Business_Community  Not a member of Squidoo yet?  Join here for free:  http://www.squidoo.com/lensmaster/referral/Zhana21.  Plus...