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I made a promise to blog .....read more
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Provence is a mere memory......read more
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ENJOY THIS ONE. it seems to me the bible is one amazing fiction book writen by many amazing creative writers but it is the true stories of the lives of people. Theres no better story than a true story. I have loads of these kinds of stories, message me and tell me what you think. My email is...
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Do you feel angry and resentful? Can you tell me or yourself what is stopping you from letting go of your anger and resentment from a particular person? I have had anger and resentment issues for years and years. I have let go of a lot of my resentment and anger towards certain people, but I have...
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Sunday UK Blog - A date with John Barleycorn I was due to have an author on my show this last week whose co-written a book about partying, drinking games, and hangover cures after attending 15 Colleges in the US and not getting one academic success, except for being known for running some of the...