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Saturday was a full day of fun. It began with a cool cloud cover, hiding the sun until early afternoon: perfect weather for a hike. Hiking in the hills, I was a border collie, like my old border collie friend—may she rest in peace—my nose was on high alert, nostrils inhaling the way she would,...
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Pronounced as suhn-dreez or miscellaneous items, many of them small that need not be specified. Lately I’ve been thinking about bits and pieces of things that have taken a back seat due to for lack of a better excuse, a full day. Foot spa, massage, manicure, hair treatment are little pleasures that...
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Bits and pieces Taken away from me some I've given some stolen nothings left of me.They shake me like a globe you know,the ones with snow inside feel like those pretty particles divided,disconnected broken all inside. I'm looking at you staring back at me as if I'm some kind of freak or animal,...