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July 23       Before Ophelia     Young women drown themselves before Shakespeare immortalized, memorialized Ophelia.  But having a poster child changes us.  Cautionary tale or rallying cry, Ophelia is a hand to hold on dark cold days when the light is hard to find...
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  August 2   TOOTH FAIRY     I slide my hand under the pillow and am disappointed not to find a quarter.  I feel I deserve one though I didn’t leave a tooth; I did leave my bite.  I’ve toned down my bark a bit too.  It has not been easy; I have spent much of my...
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This weekend I told my language-exchange partner how I recently rode a camel in the Canary Islands. When I showed him pictures, Kensuke-san wondered why the camel's mouth was caged.  More ...
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As comfortably as I can, trying my best not to disgust others by chewing loudly, chewing with an open mouth or talking with food in my mouth; this is how I will eat. Making noises while I chew my food makes me sound like animal. Leaving my mouth open when I chew food doesn’t really look pretty and...
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There are some shows that you really look forward to presenting, be it the person or the subject. Others provide a pleasant surprise at the enjoyment they bring. Not that I don’t enjoy chatting to all my guests. Today was one of those shows that I have been looking forward to, partly because in...