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A new book talks about Mahatma Gandhi’s sexuality – this time bisexuality. The counter-argument assumes that because he was so frank about his own life, including his views on sex and wrote about these in My Experiments With Truth, it should be enough. The problem is that we don’t have to take...
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Here I am in my new life. A life that six months ago I would not have imagined. But, as with earthquakes, I suppose the ground was quietly shifting at subterranean levels for years. When the quake itself happens, we are taken by surprise. It feels as though the earth's violent movement has come...
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I wrote my first piece for Tina Brown's site The Daily Beast, called "How Male Bisexuality Got Cool."
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 When I was young, I thought everyone was bi, and that anyone who said otherwise was lying, either to themselves or to the rest of us -- that all those straight/gay people were ambivalent/confused/on the fence…It surprised me then how often bisexuals met with anger, a sense of betrayal, annoyed...
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