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It's that time of year again. I made it all the way around the sun without being caught and eaten by a faster predator. To celebrate, I ate a Cinnabon for breakfast, thus increasing the chances of the predator for next year. I've already had a slew of lovely birthday messages (most of then sent at...
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I received many lovely gifts for my birthday and two of them were unusually thoughtful.  My daughter Ashley found an original 1896 print of glass sponges at Antiqua print gallery in London. The underwater scene, sepia tones and surreal beauty of the glass sponges create a ghostly effect to the...
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Photo: Brown University's University Building, built in 1770.  From Brown University's Wikipedia page.   A few quick things:   --It's my birthday, and I need some lovins.  Cuz I'm old.   --Having a writers group meeting at my house tomorrow between 5pm and whenever....
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  3:30 a.m. Wake up coughing. Bad coughing. Get up for a drink of water, and coughing fit doesn't mix well with full bladder. Waddle to bathroom.   7 a.m. Wake up again to son and daughter-in-law’s cat looking out the window from atop good sweater. Husband left the door unlatched, yet...
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There’s so much I can say about my Dad. Yet, there’s nothing I can say without tearing up/breaking down/crying, so I think I’m going to try to be a big girl and keep this simple. Happy Birthday to the bestest Daddy in the whole wide world. I could not have asked for anyone better for ...
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November's Child is like sprinking rain, watering down on a windowpane. You're the voice of friendship, the song of the wild, applauding the spirit in every child.
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  October 12   JOY IS NOT ENOUGH     I was driving around in my car, eating a meltingly ripe persimmon.  On the radio came a fiddle-playing band performing their rendition of  In The White Room.  I was traveling with the three drafts of my first step, version one...
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Dear Hallmark, Why did you allow things to get to this point without calling me? Come on, you guys, you know I'm here for you. It's obviously too late to reverse this current wave, now that you've announced the impending layoffs of seven hundred and fifty full-time American employees due to...
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It’s My Birthday! It’s My Birthday! By Bernadette A. Moyer Another year has passed us by, where does the time go? In a few days I will celebrate yet another birthday! I am reflecting back to my childhood birthdays, young adult birthdays, milestone birthdays like “sweet 16”, “18”, “21”, “25” and...
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That year the Beatles released Love Me Do, Elvis Presley released Return To Sender and Bob Dylan produced his first album. I was born – it was 24 September 1962 – and the weather was lovely. One month later the Cuban missile crisis began and the whole family nearly retreated to the understairs...