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  January 4   THE FLOCK   Today I came to a place in the road covered with birds.  The nearby fields, covered in birds, the trees covered.  As I approached, the birds took wing.  The flock responded to my presence; each bird flew, the sky darkened with their flight;...
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The egrets were flying. The tree was bending. I happened to be there, camera poised. One click was all it took.
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You’ve got the bird home, dressed it in its best Thanksgiving suit, and placed it in the warmth of the oven or the stove, the heat causing the flesh to melt softly inside and the juices to spill out and settle over its body. You will bring it out for the family dinner – an event so positive, so...
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Today is August 4th, a Thursday. Summer is almost over. I love the sunny mornings, the morning glories the birds. I love waking up to the sound of the ravens. They sound like they're fighting. I like to imagine that they're bragging to each other that they got a big treat to eat and they're going...
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I’m going to name my house. Well, maybe not my house, but my back yard. The backyard that has held multiple tables for a medieval Yule, when a “king” from a different land visited and played the bagpipes, where each dish of the feast was heralded by a young squire. “My lords and ladies, the first...
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Here's a 13-minute video for your Friday the 13th enjoyment. This is me performing chapter one from my novel Anhinga as spoken word while accompanied by my son Landen. There's also an interview with host Matt Munoz. The event was at Bakotopia Unplugged held at Fishlips, located in Bakersfield...
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I went out to the woodshed to fill the wood boxes this afternoon. Before I came back inside I stood outside in the woodshed and looked around the property. The birds were singing their hearts out and the leaves were falling quite thickly across the top of the woodshed and down in front of me. I...
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Winter is my time for getting writerly things done. Spring is apparently here for keeps - we have toads singing in our pond almost non-stop - time for amphibian romance, you know. And our koi are all but jumping with energy. Cardinals and finches are making nests - I found a mass of moss, leaves...
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I was told this morning that there were twenty-seven more minutes of sunshine today than there was two weeks ago. So, I decided to take advantage of them and set my walk accordingly. I dare say I would  find that those minutes are spread between morning and evening, but I chose to walk at dusk. I...
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    It is a new year, so I don't know if Mr. Squirrel is more feisty because of the fact. This morning he was making his presence known as I prepared coffee. I have kept to a noon feeding of peanuts for my stay in Bedford because 'that's the way it was'. But, there he was, chattering away, so...