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April 11     BIRDS & BEES     Birds and bees can get me drunk.  I have to watch the amount of envy which pours through me as I watch their wondrous bliss.  When others make a bee-line to the hive, I must head to a meeting and save myself despair if my spiritual...
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  April 6     Fearing Fearlessness   How many times have I given the credit to night blind fear, credit due the brave persistent child?  How many times have I blamed the willing diligent pursuer when the fault was the backstabbing delay of mistrust?  I resist the onset...
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     Immediately, hundreds of people who just saw this title were reeled in by their curiosity of "the birds and the bees." Is this because they actually feel they want to know about the insects and their feathered predators? I sit here now on my porch, laptop on my lap..(...
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Good morning friends, Spent time today puttering around facebook, the internet and the house trying to get my brain organized for linear thought. But then I started thinking about how another year is ending and I still don't get the whole birds and bees concept.  OK, there are the Boys and there...