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terry-spear's picture
Another  bear finished for another order! Two more to go! Plus, I have to ship these today. And I was super excited to see the female cardinal feeding on one of the bird feeders my mother had out, which makes it even more special for me. Right behind the cardinal, you can see the bunny's...
jane-de-roussan's picture
The sturdy wood bird feeder outside my kitchen window tells me stories. Ok, it's I who think the stories and create the metaphors, but what happens there truly is about struggle, conflict, hunger, satiety, and predation;  it's also about the pure expressions of...
annette-talbert's picture
I'm sitting at my laptop, but my attention is wandering to the view outside the french doors. I recently moved my bird feeder closer to the patio, under the shade of a big oak tree. Around the tree, ferns grow. The garden contains firecracker plants that have survived a freezing winter and a...