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These two recent biographies of Kafka till the garden and the farm. I disagree with the narrow sexual interpretation by Friedlander but do not dispute Franz had his issues (or lack thereof). Still, he never lacked for lovers. [DE] * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Two books, one conflicted man...
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At the forefront of my earliest years of writing and publication I queried quite a few professional authors for advice and guidance. I wanted to know the easiest, less painful ways of achieving publication with full size books. I had a plethora of old-timers and experts from which to gain any...
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Stargazing: Cliffs Notes to the latest batch of celebrity bios from Betty White to Russell Brand BY Patrick Huguenin DAILY NEWS WRITER Betty White reminisces about early Hollywood, as Russell Brand talks about his current fame. Famous people: We love to talk about them, but we love it even more...
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Continued from Part 1 of Author Gore Vidal and the Sexual Signs of Our Political Times These biographies on Tennessee Williams proved particularly vulnerable to the blade of Vidal's wit because of his friendship with the playwright, whom he nicknamed "the Glorious Bird." Such intimacy...
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For the first part of this interview with Red Room member Nordette Adams please click this link. The concluding part three begins here and now:   Aberjhani: What is the last work of fiction you read that made a strong impression on you and why did it move you so deeply?   Nordette: I'm...