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Goodreads (after I complained about animated ads): "Since we want to keep the site free to members, we rely on advertising support, and this is one of those advertisers. You can try clearing your browser history in order to get different types of ads that will hopefully be less flashy!" Me: "...
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I can still see gramps when he was really old, flailing around in his wheelchair with his electric guitar in hand and his Pignose amp going full blast in the basement family room. Back then he only had a shock of white hair on his head and his hands were all mottled and cramped, but he still...
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  The front page of the local paper today says Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, our local tech-star du-jour,  increased his net worth by $10 billion last year, but all the stories out here haven’t had such happy endings.  The Valley is rife with stories of missed opportunities...
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Bill Gates strikes me as a guy who rarely says anything other than what he wants to say. And these days he's largely talking about the big, multi-billion dollar philanthropic work of his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But, despite his decades-long technology reign, he's a fairly freshman...
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FULL POWER LIVING is an on-line radio program hosted by my favorite host, Ilene Dillon. Ilene is my favorite radio show hostess. For one thing, she's REALLY smart--she's been a psychotherapist for more than 36 years and holds both the MSW and MFT licenses. The Emotional Pro, Ilene has studied...
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It must be fun to be the one of the richest men in the world-- you can perform nerdishly odd & borderline psychotic stunts and not be beaten to death by outraged mobs.One of the perks is to be able to afford a really great security team, too. Case in point: this interesting article about Bill...