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I was talking to the author Scott Turow the other day—oh, did I just drop a name? I can drop more. On the same day I spoke to Dave Barry, Michelle Kaufman, Laura Barry, Eric Brandt, Deborah Warren, Elaine Petrocelli, and Beyoncé. Beyoncé says “hi.” Scott mentioned that it was Rosh Hashana—the...
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On Thursdays Phil Naessens Show The Sports Goons Jameyan Smith joins Phil to discuss the Boston Marathon Tragedy, Facebook Fugazi's, bandwagon jumping fans, Jay-Z the mogul, the Atlanta Braves and the NBA Playoffs match ups between the Indiana Pacers/Atlanta Hawks and the Brooklyn Nets/...
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This past weekend my daughter Laura and I took a trip to Southern California because we needed some quality dad-daughter car time. We also visited four universities Laura is considering attending. We had trouble getting around LA because several downtown streets were closed for the Amgen Tour of...
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I submitted a 2000 word only edited version of the following aha moment for my 'Aha Moment' submission to Oprah's website.  I thought best to post the entire epiphany which was more than 2000 words just for ya'll.  http://www.oprah.com .  O.k. here goes.  Tiger apologized on national television...
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OK, here it goes.  Tiger apologized on national television about how he cheated on his wife and his children. I ask why?  I really do not care.  I didn't watch the interview when it came on and I tried really, really hard not to watch anything about it or listen to anything about it. It was...