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Creative Nonfiction, Summer 2013, Issue 49     This issue of Lee Gutkind’s fine nonfiction mag is thematically about “Survival and Unlikely Events,” but the most impressive bits here are some tips for nonfiction writers. But don’t surf on just yet, fiction-er; these can apply in general...
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I don't remember when I first met Beth Kephart, but what I do remember is the immediate warmth I felt. This is a woman you'd want to live next door to because you know she'd always be there for you with a plate of pie and a cup of tea and conversation.  She's not just a wonderful...
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The question might be asked (at least I ask it of myself), how we measure our progress as writers. How we know if we are getting any better at this work that we do. My son, for example, has been writing now for years, and with every script, every story, every poem, the progress is measurable and...