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Guest Blog: MY AFTERNOON WITH SANDI AULT by Patricia Wood  While author Sandi Ault is working on the next WILD Mystery, guest blogger Patricia Smith Wood provided this WILD Blog: My Afternoon With Sandi Ault By Patricia Smith Wood Those of you who met Sandi Ault at a conference, a book signing, or...
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We have had days of snow here in the mountains, but this morning, the sun came out and began to shrink the mounds of white and set the glaciers on the roof to dripping at the eaves. The Ponderosa pines—so thankful for the big drink they have waited for nearly the whole fall—celebrate with shiny...
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Last week, the time came to make some hard choices. I had felt the moment hovering around my peripheral mindspace for months, the tension building, the confusion and chaos and indecision swirling like mist on the slopes of the mountains right before it snows, warning me that change was coming. It...
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As of 06/24/08, The Unsuspecting Mage, the first book of my epic fantasy series The Morcyth Saga, has reached the #1 spot for Fantasy eBooks at Mobipocket.com. The saga is seven books long and follows the adventures of a young man who was just looking for a job, but instead finds himself on a world...